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Very timely service, reliable, FRIENDLY, and never miss a spot. They show up in marked vehicles and always in uniform so you know exactly who they are. They also offer pre-service texts to let you know exactly when to expect them. I highly recommend for NW Houston areas!
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Brandi Young
Northwest Houston
I absolutely love Poo the Rescue! I will never not use them! When I bought my house they also made it very easy to switch services from my rental house to the new one. Dont sleep on this service. Friendly employees too!
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Amanda Paffhouse
They are professional, timely, and worth every penny. The team works seamlessly to ensure my yard is clean on time. The payment process is a breeze. If you need assistance, the customer service is available and knowledgeable.
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Elizabeth Williams
This is the best $ I spend every month. Well worth not having to do this "fun" job myself. As an added bonus my garbage can in the garage doesn't stink. Brian and his staff are great! The dogs look forward to their weekly visits, kind words and pats on the head. I highly recommend Poo The Rescue!!!
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Kelly Dyson
Poo The Rescue has helped our family tremendously! When my girls go outside to play I never have to worry about them stepping or playing with dog poop. I love how they remove the waste too, it keeps the smell out of our garbage can which is really nice!
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Stephanie Smith
Just hired Poo The Rescue Service to clean and deodorize my backyard and I couldn't be more impressed. Amazing quality service and prices are unbelievably!
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Julia Brewer
Poo the rescue is an amazing service. I was hesitant to call because I live on 3/4 of an acre with 5 dogs but Brian has really come through for me. His poo spotting skills are unmatched. 100% would recommend.
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Brandon Phillips