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Residential SERVICES

With Poo The Rescue Pet Waste Removal Service, you can sit back and enjoy more free time with your family and not worry about your dogs mess in the yard. We’re here to take care of the dirty work so you don’t have to. Enjoy your dog, leave the mess to us! 

Weekly Services Starting at $14

A group of people with a dog.

Commercial SERVICES

Manage an apartment complex? Dog Park? Kennel? Are you a member of a homeowner’s association with common areas you need cleaned? Poo The Rescue Poop Scoopers can fulfill all of your scooping needs and more!

We manage pet waste for:

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Lawn Deodorizing Treatments

Pet waste and urine can overwhelm a backyard and make it an unbearable place to be. Poo The Rescue can help stop the odor by treating your backyard with our Lawn Deodorizer, killing the odor causing bacteria at the source.

A person spraying grass with a sprayer.